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This week has been fairly stable, when looking at the key indicators that we monitor to determine industry performance.

We’ve seen a further 82 sites reopen, which means that in England, just 9% of suspended sites are yet to restart. But at the opposite end of the spectrum, in Scotland, 71% of suspended sites are still yet to re-open. However, the Scottish Government has just announced that more construction sites can reopen from Monday, as they enter the next stage of their restart plan, so we expect to see projects in Scotland reopening over the coming weeks.

Looking at the planning pipeline, while we’ve seen a week-on-week increase in the number of applications and decisions, these figures have remained relatively stable, and at fairly typical levels, for the last 12 weeks.

And while the number of contractors bidding on projects has dropped slightly this week to 68 a day, the recent trend had returned to levels seen in February, prior to the lockdown.

So, overall, the market continues on an upward trend, but at a slower pace than in previous weeks as firms continue to adapt to new working conditions. Indeed, we’re seeing our own customer activity increase week-on-week as more firms begin to proactively look for new sales opportunities and take a strategic approach to what lies ahead.

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