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Knowing which construction companies are winning the most work, what the most valuable projects starting this year are, and which projects are open for tender can provide a real competitive advantage if you know whom to contact to get involved.

This is where the Glenigan league tables come in.

Work with the
top construction companies

See the top 100 construction companies and the number and value of the projects they’re winning.

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Win work on the
top construction projects

See the top 100 construction projects starting this year together with their values and locations.

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See the
top construction tenders

See the most valuable construction projects out to tender this year and see how you can get involved.

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We track every construction company working in the UK and ROI together with the contracts they’re winning; capturing the number of projects and their total value, to create the Top 100 construction company league tables.

We also track every construction project from planning and many that don’t require planning, to provide the Top 100 construction projects that are starting this year, providing businesses with actionable insight to win new business.

Providing even more insight, we also track projects that are out for tender and feed this into the top tender’s league tables, giving companies immediate opportunities to contact.

Get the insight to contact new opportunities and start winning new business today.

Make sales, win business and grow

Get the insight to contact new opportunities and start winning new business today.