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Plug and play, our data your way. It’s as simple as that. Integrate our data with your systems and get your sales, marketing and strategic teams working on the sales leads and industry intelligence that counts, in seconds.


Our construction industry sales leads can be delivered directly into your CRM, in exactly the format you’d like, delivering instant opportunities right into your sales team’s hands.


Spend more time selling and less time working with multiple systems. Integrate our construction industry data with your CRM and your sales team will become far more efficient. Plus, you’ll be able to track the progress of your Glenigan leads, from receipt to the end result.


Working automatically behind the scenes our API allows you to retrieve, organise, blend, cross-reference and interpret data – without a single spreadsheet in sight – freeing up your company’s time and resources to focus on other critical areas.


Removing manual processes ensures decisions are based on 100% reliable data.


Blending data from our API with your own can give you big-data insights that support sales and marketing, operations, strategy and development.


Query only the data you need, whenever and as often as you wish.


Save time, increase efficiency and reduce costs with seamless, real time integration of our leads directly into your sales team’s hands.


Enhance your construction market intelligence by enriching your data with the most robust and comprehensive planning information available.


Deliver the right message, to the right lead, at exactly the right time, with pre segmented data pulled directly into your chosen automated email app.

How it works

Flexible by design and backed by detailed technical documentation for your developers, the Glenigan API is a standard RESTful API for easy integration into your system.

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Why Glenigan?

Glenigan provides the most accurate and comprehensive information on the UK construction and office relocation and refurbishment markets – helping you find new sales opportunities that are right for your business, and enabling you to make informed strategic decisions for the future.

With the largest research team in the industry, and exclusive trade-body and professional organisation partnerships – providing unique access to data outside the planning process – we ensure you never miss an opportunity, and deliver a clear competitive advantage over your competition.

We operate strict quality control and data protection processes to ensure all our information is confirmed as correct, and our data is updated in real-time enabling you to contact new opportunities immediately, so you can make contact first and with confidence.

Our award winning online platform works wherever you do, and delivers alerts when the projects you’re tracking are updated, so you’ll never miss an opportunity, whether you’re in the office, on the road, or on site.

And when you need tailored information to inform your business strategy, our in-house team of industry analysts and economists are on hand to help you make the big decisions.

In short, Glenigan helps you achieve sales growth now, and for the future.

See the power of Glenigan in action today!

Find new business leads quickly and easily with access to information on all UK and the Republic of Ireland construction activity.

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