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Tenders have been returned for the £4.5 million A Frame Rockers refurbishment contract for the Humber Bridge in Hull. Works are expected to commence January 2013 and will take approximately 5/6 months to complete. Arup are the consulting civil engineers for the scheme. The Humber Bridge has an overall length of 2,220 metres with a main span of 1,410 metres between towers where the road is 40 metres above water level. The side spans are separated from the main span at the towers where a carriageway expansion joint carries traffic between spans. Most of the load applied to the carriageway deck box is carried by the hanger cables up to the main suspension cables. The remainder of the applied load is carried by the two A frame rocker bearings at the end of each span through onto the lowest tower port beam. The A frames also provide transverse and torsional restraint to the deck box whilst allowing significant longitudinal movements and rotation about the transverse and vertical axes. A number of the bearings may have seized and wear is evident to the main span A frame bearings.

Project ID: 10496642

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