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We’re delighted that the new Glenigan Mapping tool is getting such great feedback from our customers.

Designed to provide finer precision when searching for new opportunities, the Mapping tool enables you and your sales team to see opportunities within your specific search areas or sales territories, improve efficiencies with accurate drive time planning before you or your sales team set off, and quickly see sales-opportunity-hotspots with data presented at scale.

One feature that’s getting a lot of likes is Drive Time.

Drive Time allows our customers to promote their services to businesses just a short drive away.  From their sites, depots, offices, hotels, tools & equipment and building materials & supply stores, etc.

For example:

  • Contractors can use the Drive Time feature to identify potential customers within a 30-minute drive of their offices.
  • Hotels can use the Drive Time feature to target businesses within a 15-minute drive of their locations.
  • Building materials & supply stores can use the Drive Time feature to promote their services to businesses within a 10-minute drive of their stores.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, we’re thrilled that Mapping is delivering everything we hoped it would!

Mapping is available free of charge to all Glenigan customers.

Not a Glenigan customer but would like to see the Mapping tool in action? Request a short demo and we’ll be delighted to show you how this new tool – plus, the full prospecting power of Glenigan – can help you identify new sales opportunities just right for your business.