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Hopefully you have not encountered Japanese Knotweed yet, but if you have you are probably aware of its deadly effects on commercial property development. Fortunately environmental intelligence provider GroundSure has launched a groundbreaking report to help you spot the evidence earlier in the planning process and reduce risks and costs for your clients.

What is Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese Knotweed, or fallopia japonica as it is scientifically known, was brought into Europe in the early 19th century and became popular as an ornamental plant. Little did the importers know the future damage it would cause. It is a highly invasive, destructive plant species that can dramatically impact asset values and lending. Indeed the Centre for Environmental Studies estimates around £1.6 billion is spent every year in the process of its removal. 

GroundSure Japanese Knotweed report

Previously buyers have had to wait until the site valuation process to reveal the existence of Japanese Knotweed. Now you can advise your client earlier in the planning process by commissioning a GroundSure Japanese Knotweed report.Newsletter_JapaneseKnotweed_May-14

The report uses innovative remote sensing technology to identify Japanese Knotweed on and adjacent to commercial property sites. It also allow surveyors, developers and commercial conveyancers to highlight lending risks to clients and potential management costs ahead of making any purchase decisions. 

Key features of the Japanese Knotweed report:

  • Uses remote sensing technology to identify the existence of Japanese Knotweed
  • Ordnance Survey Street View location map 
  • Site boundary polygon with 50m radius buffer
  • Returns polygon areas of detected Japanese Knotweed stands greater than 5 sqm
  • Provides indicative buffers showing potential coverage of root system
  • Detailed quality check by GroundSure environmental consultants

Plus unique support from leading Japanese Knotweed treatment specialists Phlorum:

  • Provision of Japanese Knotweed treatment options tailored to available timescales and budgets
  • Free follow up plant verification service


The GroundSure Japanese Knotweed report is the only cost-effective way to understand the risk of Japanese Knotweed ahead of site valuation. Specific benefits include:

  • Access to unique data insight and expertise
  • Allows you and your clients to make informed decisions
  • More accurate surveys and property valuation
  • Identifies possible nuisance impacts from neighbourhood properties
  • On-going support from leading treatment experts

Buy now

The GroundSure Japanese Knotweed report is available from £65 and could be with you in 48 hours. Order now with .MAP by GroundSure by clicking here.

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