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The number of hospital and health centre projects to have gained detailed planning permission has declined by -50% compared to a year ago. Extensions of hospitals are down -20%, extension/refurbishment is down -80% and new build is down by -50%. The total value of all projects compared to a year ago is down -71%.
By contrast the volume of on-hold hospitals and health centre projects, has improved compared to last year - down by 63%, total value down 48%, and total units down by 60%.
January 2017 project starts compared with a year ago have improved. The number of projects has increased by 12%, units have increased by 88% and the value of these projects has increased dramatically by 785% (due to the Specialist and Critical Care Centre mega project starting in Wales. Exclude this project and the increase is 134%).
Overall, hospitals and health centres have marginally improved compared to January 2016. The number of projects starting on site has improved, yet the projects that have gained detailed planning permission has fallen.
Hospitals 2016 to 2017

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