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Applications to tender are currently invited for cast iron roof repairs and refurbishment at Palace of Westminster in London. The final date for the receipt of requests to participate is 20th August, 2012.

Works will include the refurbishment and repair of damaged elements of the roof structure and components, and the application of an anti-corrosion treatment. It will be necessary to remove the tiles and other external components and repair and treat them in factory conditions away from the site.

Following remedial works, they will be returned and reinstated. Upon the removal and inspection of the roof tiles, it is anticipated that a percentage of these tiles will be beyond repair or overhaul, and that new cast iron tiles will be required.

This will be required to be manufactured at on off-site foundry facility inclusive of the production of the necessary patterns. Phase 2 consists of four (4) projects (roof areas) to be repaired over a period of approximately 10 years with an estimated value of £60 million including works, services and consultancies. The Employer has obtained Full Business Case approval for Phase 2.

Project ID: 12239882

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