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The best source of construction project data in the UK and a valued strategic partner.

Dave Rainbow



Results is a specialist telemarketing, lead generation and business development company for the construction & built environment sector.

We work for product manufacturers, solutions providers, specialist contractors, service & maintenance companies and consultancies across the UK & Ireland.

We help our clients achieve various objectives, but our primary purpose is to improve sales performance, increase new client engagement, drive demand, and ultimately maximise the time of their sales people with key decision makers responsible for specification, selection and procurement decisions.

Established in 1989, we offer our clients a proven means of developing new businesses more effectively.

The Requirement

Project data & strategic market intelligence.

The Solution

Glenigan delivers exactly what we need from them.

I don’t think there’s a better source of construction data in the UK and, if you know how to harness and use this information properly, it’s incredibly effective.

Benefits of using Glenigan

Glenigan data gives us more than just project leads.

Their data helps ensure our clients take a more strategic approach to developing new business instead of simply following the crowd.

Better data means better targeting, which leads to a better utilisation of time and ultimately, better sales performance.



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Case Studies

“ Glenigan helps our Business & Sales Team to be more proactive in the market place ”

Donna Davies, Architectural Co-ordinator

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“ The results speak for themselves ”

Andrew Hayward, Managing Director

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