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Glenigan allows us to make business critical decisions

Sean O'Neill


The need and the solution

As part of our business continuity plan for COVID-19, we were able to utilise Glenigan to run industry information reports, including the number of sites that were open, reopening and had planning consent sign-offs. This created a clear picture of the real-time and future industry environment, allowing us to make critical business decisions.

Glenigan’s industry insight helped provide a platform for O’Neill & Brennan to focus on creating and launching the industry’s first regulated COVID-19 Compliance Training Course and allowed us to target these companies to see if we could assist them with their COVID-19 compliance and help safeguard their workforce during these uncertain times..

The course was created by O’Neill & Brennan Head of QHSE and consulted on by NHS Infection Control, to deliver up to date information and guidance on COVID-19 to the industry, and also to assist on how those procedural measures can be applied to the construction workplace. We have seen an enormous uptake in the course, which is regulated by the ETA (Engineering Training Awards) and OFQUAL, to a consequence that we are now supplying numerous fully accredited COVID-19 Marshalls to some of the largest Main Contractors and Developers throughout the UK.

As many job roles have moved to working from home, the facilitation of this course is no different; where it can be delivered online to workers before they arrive on-site, allowing us to supply updated safety information to them.

All levels of the industry need to work together to maintain a safe working environment, and we believe this is a step in the new direction.

Please visit our COVID-19 Compliance Training Course page for more information.



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