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Glenigan really is the secret salesman every company should have

Ben Tingle

Sales Director


As the UK’s leading supplier of tile, mosaic and stone products to the residential developer and the architectural specification markets, Domus Tiles’s long term relationships with the most significant manufacturers around the world ensure that its product portfolio is the most comprehensive and cutting edge available. With its specification centre headquartered in Clerkenwell, London, the company influences new product development for the UK market with its highly experienced team of sales and design professionals representing the industry’s greatest accumulation of knowledge in the field. From leisure centres to corporate applications Domus Tiles has positioned itself to deliver the best tile-based and fabricated stone solutions to fit the most complex of its specifiers’ creative, technical and budgetary requirements.


As a sub-contractor, having the latest project information on a project’s life cycle readily available enables us to guide the enquiries we make; when we make them and who we make them to. Glenigan is an essential tool in making these approaches.

The need

We needed a system that enabled us to filter data to a very fine level in order to track our clients and related construction projects. Like all sales teams ours was particularly time-starved, so having a sales tool that provided qualitative and timely information was key. I had used Glenigan extensively in my previous job so knew that it could do all of this at the touch of a few buttons.

The Glenigan solution

We can’t be everything to everybody and we don’t want to be. For us it is about winning new business, not necessarily new clients. Our account managers filter by project value, type and company name, tagging key architects and designers we have strong relationships with, so that Glenigan can send us timely reminders whenever these clients are active. As soon as their name is associated with a project we can be quick to move in with a proposal that we have had time to prepare. This way of managing our Glenigan information really works for us and consistently wins us more business.

The results

Domus Tiles has been quick to realise the wider potential of Glenigan data and analytics. The company now uses its information to determine company strategy and planning of resources. “If I see that there is a growing trend in the hotel sector I will allocate staff and resources accordingly. The Glenigan Index is invaluable in that respect, in fact, I recently mapped our company sales against the Glenigan Index back as far as 2008 and there was an undeniable correlation. It was very impressive. Glenigan really is the secret salesman every company should have. It’s out there 24/7 watching and listening to the industry buzz so that you are too.”



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