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Tenders to be invited late April 2012 for the £200k demolition contract for New Gorbals Housing Association. Works are expected to commence July 2012 for the scheme that will see the demolition of two multi storey blocks of flats at 170 & 200 Sandiefield Road and separate single storey sub-station building within the Gorbals area in Glasgow. The blocks are 24 storey, built in the late 1960's with substructure of Tracoba LPS precast concrete system build. Foundations are piles supporting insitu reinforced concrete ground beams. Includes asbestos removal and soft strip of building, preparation, drilling and protection of works to facilitate the safe demolition of the two tower blocks by means of controlled explosives, conventional demolition of the sub-station and pump house building and foundations, blow down demolition of the two tower blocks, removal of ground beams and pile heads down to a depth of 3 metres below existing site level, in filling excavations and capping over specified areas of the site with clean crushed demolition arisings and removal of all surplus demolition arisings and existing site soil where required to be excavated facilitate capping with crushed arisings.

Project ID: 12103812

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