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Author: Emma Dukes, Olympic and Education Sector Expert

The London 2012 Games presented a great opportunity to showcase the quality of UK construction on the World stage and celebrate the fundamental role it has played in the delivery of London 2012.  Now with the Games having been so successful it’s only right to recognise the role that people and businesses have made in creating a lasting legacy for the UK.

Glenigan has been tracking the Olympic projects (all 194 of them), since 2005 when London was selected to host the 2012 Games.  Information was gathered on the project details at every stage of their development, from the initial planning and design stage through construction and finally to completion on site.  At each stage, we identified the companies and individuals involved via a rich network of industry contacts.  These projects were viewed 16,038 times since they were added to our site, delivering significant value for our customers and enabling them to identify new business opportunities.

The Olympic park and its venues completely fulfilled their roles during the Games, and I feel were the ‘unsung heroes of London 2012’ give them a gold medal!

While the games have now finished, construction work at the site carries on in the shape of 27 legacy projects. Over the next few years the park and surrounding areas will be developed into five neighbourhoods, each with up to 8,000 new homes supported by new schools, nurseries, health centres and community spaces.   These communities, alongside the remaining sporting venues, will be named the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (Glenigan’s project number; 09075967).  

The first of the five neighbourhoods to be developed, Chobham Manor (Glenigan’s project number; 11353708), will be in the north-east of the park, with work due to commence in 2014.

Five family neighbourhoods;

  • Area 1 (North East of the Park) - Chobham Manor
  • Area 2 (North West of the Park) - East Wick
  • Area 3 (South West of the Park) - Sweetwater
  • Area 4 (South East of the Park) - Marshgate Wharf
  • Area 5 (South of the Park) - Pudding Mill

What’s next for the Olympic venues?

Olympic Stadium;

The Stadium will become a new national centre for athletics. It has also received four bids; from Leyton Orient football club, West Ham United football club, Intelligent Transport Services with Formula One and University College of Football Business to use the site.  The stadium may also host the IAAF 2017 World Athletics Championships.

(Glenigan’s project number; 04197910)  

Athletes Village; 

The apartments will have kitchens added and will be transformed into 2,800 rental properties from summer next year. The development has a target of 50 per cent affordable housing for lower-income tenants.  The site has been bought by developers Delancey and Qatari investors for £557m.

(Glenigan’s project number; 04197889)  

Arcelor Mittal Orbit; 

The tower designed by Anish Kapoor is to be used as a visitor attraction, with unique views across London from two glass enclosed platforms.  The 114m-high tower will open from spring 2014.

(Glenigan’s project number; 10128771)  

Aquatics Centre; 

The centre will be reopened in 2014 as a community facility, with a significantly reduced capacity.  London has bid to host the 2016 European Swimming Championships in the centre.

(Glenigan’s project number; 04197915)  

Multi-use arena;

The ‘Copper Box’, (which hosted the handball and will host Paralympics goalball), will be transformed into a venue for community sports, competitions, cultural and business events, reopening in summer 2013.

(Glenigan’s project number; 04197872)  


A one-mile road-cycle circuit and mountain bike trail will be added to the 6,000-capacity Velodrome to create a Velopark. This will be owned and managed by Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.

(Glenigan’s project number; 04197885)  

Eaton Manor; 

Will become the Lee Valley Tennis and Hockey Centre featuring four indoor courts, six outdoor tennis courts, and five-a-side football pitches. The centre will host the 2015 European Hockey Championships.

(Glenigan’s project number; 07059073)  

Broadcast and press centres; 

The centre will become a data and business enterprise centre under proposals from preferred bidder iCity. 

(Glenigan’s project number; 04197924)  


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