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Key Performance Indicator Survey

If you’ve been involved in a UK construction project in 2012 and would like to take part in a brief survey, please click one of the following links. If you are a Subcontractor please click here, for Consultants here and for Contractors here. The individual responses to these surveys will be treated in the strictest confidence and the aggregated responses will be used to produce Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the construction industry. These KPIs enable individual firms to benchmark their performance against that of other firms, and they also enable us to measure improvement across the industry through an annual Industry Performance Report. 

The latest KPI report to be published can be found here.

Glenigan conducts the surveys to deliver the Construction Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), in partnership with:

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Recent Douments:

Download the 2012 UK Construction Industry KPI Report
Download the KPI presentation given by Allan Wilén 
Download Case Studies in Performance Measurement by Mike Dickinson 
Download An Overview of Measurement and Benchmarking by Roy Stewart 
Download the Performance Measurement on the London Construction Programme by David Mulford 

About the KPIs

The KPIs are used as a benchmark to improve client satisfaction and by government to measure the effectiveness of contractors.  The collection and publication of the KPIs grew out of Sir John Egan's 1998 report 'Rethinking Construction'.  The report was published in response to the sad state of the UK construction industry where projects were consistently over-budget, late, and short of client expectations.  While initially focusing on cost and on-time performance, the KPIs have been expanded to include benchmarks for environmental performance, employee satisfaction, and project safety, to name just a few.  Based on thousands of surveys of Contractors, Subcontractors, Consultants and their clients, these KPIs have been the definitive benchmarks of the UK construction industry since 2000.  The complete suite of KPIs is available to subscribers at kpizone.com.

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