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Glenigan announce 2023’s game-changing updates designed to drive our customers 2024 success

Your Glenigan advantage: More data & new tools to supercharge your business

As we start 2024, one thing is clear: the construction landscape is ever-evolving. At Glenigan, we’re not just keeping pace, we’re propelling you forward with powerful updates designed to empower your success. In 2023, we invested heavily in innovation, fine-tuning our service to anticipate your needs and equip you with the tools to conquer every challenge and seize every opportunity. Dive in and discover how Glenigan’s 2023 updates will drive your success in 2024.

Wider Pool, Bigger Wins
Our database expanded by 400,000+ opportunities last year, giving you a 33% wider range to catch lucrative projects.

Agile Advantage
You jumped the queue on almost 15,000 projects that bypassed planning or didn’t need permission, gaining exclusive insights before your competitors knew they existed.

Partner Powerhouse
Your network grew by 10% with over 113,000 new connections, including almost 25,000 brand-new contacts with direct emails, 96,000 LinkedIn profiles, and 30,000 mobile numbers.

Competitor Conqueror
Our new Tender Research Team adds almost 100 bidders a day to your radar, a 54% increase over previous data. Spot potential partners and rivals on high-value projects (£5m+) before the competition even knows about them.


Planning Power
Almost 90% of projects now include planning documents, giving you deeper insights to craft winning proposals.

Visual Advantage
Over 800,000 new project images let you visualise opportunities and assess potential before anyone else.


2023 wasn’t just about leads and networks; it was about empowering you with deeper insights into the very fabric of projects.

NBS Integration
We’ve integrated Glenigan with our sister company NBS, the construction industry’s leading specification platform, to bring you:

Material Matchmaker
We’ve linked over 20,000 projects to their corresponding NBS specifications, giving you unparalleled clarity on the materials used in real-world projects.

NBS Fast Track
For joint subscribers, direct links from NBS to Glenigan projects take you from specification to opportunity in a single click.

Material Deep Dive
We’ve added over 170,000 materials from NBS, including crucial details often missing from planning applications, like steel frames, internal systems, and security equipment.

Material Secrets Revealed
With over 73,000 material texts added, you’ll get extended details on the type, colour, composition, and more.

This powerful integration levels the playing field and gives you a material advantage. You can:

  • Identify niche projects perfectly suited to your expertise.
  • Target lucrative contracts based on specific material needs.
  • Craft winning proposals with precise knowledge of project specifications.