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Glenigan is committed to robust and ethical data practices, providing our customers with the most accurate data via rigorous and transparent processes. We would ask any clients with questions around how we collect, quality control and manage our data to get in touch with us directly.

Data Collection
Glenigan’s data is predominantly from publicly available public sector sources, such as local planning authorities, public tendering websites and expenditure plans. Any personal data that it contains is permitted within the boundaries of the GDPR. Full details of our GDPR practices can be found here.

Many of our customers are included on our dataset and therefore have a clear understanding and expectation of its collection and availability through our services. Any project contact details relate solely to a corporate function and are used solely in conjunction with a business purpose.

Data Quality
Glenigan’s processes to ensure the high quality of our data are extensive, rigorous and transparent. Glenigan ensures that the contents of its database is accurate and up-to-date by checking daily with every Local Planning Authority in the UK for the latest updates on planning applications and via our telephone and web research team of over 100 dedicated and experienced staff.

On average over 30,000 updates per day are made to the Glenigan database and this is published in real time directly to the Glenigan website to ensure minimum delay and maximum accuracy. We specifically publish only “live” projects, with scheme details being moved to an “archive” area on the Glenigan website within 12 months of completion or after the 3 year validity period in the case of planning permissions.

All of Glenigan’s data is regularly checked against Mortascreen to identify and exclude deceased contacts. Our quality management systems are based on ISO 9001:2008 and we only work with accredited partners.

Data Management
Glenigan operates robust and tested data management processes. Any contact details held in the Glenigan database are matched against the following opt-out preference services:

Clients should note that, unless used immediately, we recommend that Glenigan data is re-matched against preference services before use, as new registrations may have been added in the interim.

Where an email address is added to the Glenigan database, that address is emailed immediately explaining the context of use and giving the recipient the ability to opt-out. Glenigan has held continuous registration with the Information Commissioner as a data controller (registration number Z6524855) since 2002. Glenigan is also an active member of the Direct Marketing Association, has satisfied and agreed to be bound by its terms and conditions and has demonstrated compliance with the Direct Marketing Code of Practice.

Glenigan runs regular internal training programmes, to ensure that its staff are fully trained in Glenigan’s data use and management processes and are aware of its data protection responsibilities.

Complaints Process
Glenigan operates a robust, efficient and swift process to handle any complaints received in relation to our use of contact details. This fully audited procedure ensures that contact details are immediately removed from publication and are recorded confidentially to ensure no future publication is permitted.

Any query or complaint regarding GDPR can be emailed to research@glenigan.com. Standard queries are answered within 1 working day. Subject Access Requests (SAR) or Right to Erasure will be actioned within 28 days.

Onwards Use of Glenigan Data
It is a client’s onwards use of Glenigan data which will determine GDPR compliance and Glenigan does not have visibility of that use. Clients should take independent advice on whether their proposed use of Glenigan data is compliant with data protection legislation.

Permitted uses of Glenigan materials are set out in Glenigan’s terms of business. Clients should refer to those terms for permitted and restricted uses. The permitted uses of the Glenigan materials have not changed since January 2013 and are not anticipated to change.

The information that Glenigan provides is not intended to address specific client requirements and does not constitute advice or recommendations by Glenigan.