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Glenigan insight central to Createmaster’s five-year growth

As a leading provider of project handover documentation services to the UK construction market, Createmaster Limited works closely with project teams and suppliers to produce relevant and useful information at each stage of the building lifecycle.

The company targets property developers and main contractors to ensure their services are integrated into the construction programme, managing and collating information as the project progresses.

“Although we work primarily with sub-contractors and consultants, we are typically appointed by the developer or main contractor,” says Brian Dodsworth, Managing Director of Createmaster.


“The earlier the client considers the handover documentation, the better visibility we have of the end deliverables and so can tailor the information gathering process accordingly.

“In order to target projects at an early stage we required a reliable source of construction leads and industry analysis – Glenigan was our go-to choice.”

With a number of users across the marketing and sales teams, Glenigan is fully integrated into the Createmaster business development process. The marketing team receives a dedicated feed of project leads every Friday which are imported directly into Createmaster’s CRM system. Relevant projects are identified and assigned to members of the sales team, who use Glenigan to fully research opportunities and target decision makers.

“The system is really user friendly and the dedicated feed of project leads makes the import into our CRM system really efficient,” says Dodsworth.

“There are so many useful features, such as filters and the Search+ tool, which gives us full visibility of all the opportunities in our subscription, meaning nothing gets missed.”

He adds: “The marketing team have Glenigan open on their desktop all day, every day.

“From running detailed project searches and creating contact target lists to developing our knowledge of the industry, we use Glenigan for everything.”

Alongside a projects subscription, Createmaster also has access to Glenigan’s Insight service which is used to help inform strategic plans and set business objectives.

“The insight information on Glenigan is really valuable, providing a clear view of the industry trends and the size of the potential market - both of which assist in our forecasting activities,” explains Dodsworth.

“We use the custom stats feature to track projects starting on site each month. The information is really up to date which helps to keep our business in line with the market.”

In the five years since starting their Glenigan subscription, Createmaster has enjoyed an impressive run of growth.

Approximately one third of the company’s total sales currently result from the information on Glenigan, with project leads from the system consistently returning high average selling prices across the business.

“Glenigan has certainly contributed to the year on year growth for the company over the past half-decade,” says Dodsworth.

“Our experience with Glenigan has been really positive and the insights we gain are valuable in driving our business activities.”

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