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Glenigan insight brings strategic success for SFS intec

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With more than 50 years’ experience in developing, manufacturing and globally distributing mechanical fastening systems across the built environment, SFS intec relies on precise insight into the UK construction industry to ensure its products continuously evolve to meet the ever changing needs of the market.

SFS Intec HQ in LeedsThe company works with architects, designers, consulting engineers and contractors to ensure SFS fasteners are included in the design specifications that are drawn up at the early stages of development. The challenge, therefore, is to get their product range known and understood by this audience.

“It is vital that our target market is aware of our product and recognise its benefits so we are at the forefront of their minds when preparing specification documents,” said Christopher Duffy, Specification Manager at SFS.

“We needed a reliable system to help us target the best placed people at this crucial project stage.”

The account management team at Glenigan worked closely with SFS intec to develop a strategic package for the business, which provides vital information on new market opportunities for targeted marketing activity.

SFS also subscribes to the projects and companies services from Glenigan, with 14 users across the business who share information using the notes and tags functions built into the product.

Duffy said: “Our sales director uses Glenigan’s strategic reporting tool for setting budgets and informing business strategy when deciding which industries to focus on.

SFS Intec project“The telemarketing team targets architects, inviting them to attend our CPD sessions to encourage specification on projects. They also send out targeted marketing campaigns to specific audiences based on the strategic reports available to the business.”

In the seven years since taking up its subscription with Glenigan, SFS intec has moved from selling 70% commodity items to an 80% premium specifiable product. Duffy believes the partnership with the account management team at Glenigan has been a key component of this success.

“The rapport that has built up between the staff at SFS and those in Bournemouth has contributed to a successful working relationship that has adapted over time to suit our business requirements,” he said.

“Glenigan is a tool which has been used across the business - not just for prospecting but also for forecasting.”

Duffy added: “Despite the recent tough market conditions felt by the industry, SFS intec survived the recession by targeting specific areas informed by the strategic reporting from our Glenigan subscription.”

View the full case study here.

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