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Glenigan a "no brainer" for BCF


Providing a range of financial services to businesses and property developers, BCF is the south coast’s leading business finance broker. The company has a proven track record of delivery using a range of financial lenders including building societies, merchant banks, venture capitalists and private funders.

With some 2,000 property developers across the south of England already in its client roster, BCF was looking at expanding its marketing activities within the construction industry when it opened a subscription with Glenigan two years ago.

“The credit crunch was a difficult time for us but we realised that the only way to get through it was to concentrate our efforts on a really strong marketing push,” said David Brown, Director of BCF.


Working with the account management team at Glenigan, BCF devised a strategy of tracking planning applications to identify market opportunities at the earliest stage of the development process. A weekly file of projects relevant to BCF’s business requirements is sent direct to the company’s offices, which forms the basis of their marketing activity. 

“The information is tailored specifically for our company, for example it doesn’t feature any housing associations as we do not traditionally work with them. This makes it much easier to identify the firms we should be focusing on,” said Brown.

“Our lead in time could be anything up to four years so we need to know about projects at the earliest opportunity. As Glenigan allows you to track projects from their inception, we can monitor all developments and make contact at just the right time.”

BCF has secured a number of major contracts through its subscription with Glenigan, including a £600,000 office conversion.


“Prior to using Glenigan we used a competitor lead service. One of the things I really appreciate about Glenigan is the attention they give to their customers.”

“It’s not an exact science but we only need to get one deal to more than recoup our monthly subscription costs,” said Brown.

He added: “The breadth and depth of Glenigan’s coverage is impressive and the system is very easy to use. For us, it’s a no brainer.”

View the full case study here.

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