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Press Releases - Archive

Nov 2015

ONS output figures show falling construction activity

The latest official ONS output figures show falling construction activity, for the first time since 2013 Q1.

Energy Meltdown

The renewable energy sector is currently in turmoil as the Government calls a halt to new on-shore windfarm projects and cut sharply the feed-in tariff for other renewables.

Construction clients leave cares behind

The latest Glenigan Index shows that construction activity has returned to growth, with the value of projects starting on site higher than a year earlier for the first time since March.

Oct 2015

How shale we protect our future?

High pressure equipment is used in fracking, water, sand and chemicals are injected into the rock at high pressure. Is this doing more harm than good?

Getting round the Nimby

New homes, everyone wants them. The population is growing, and the number of households increasing. So why is it still a problem? Well, it’s complicated…

Sep 2015

Government’s construction pipeline lacks “consistency and accuracy” as a quarter of work disappears

With more than a quarter of its projects disappearing since December 2014, more needs to be done to improve the consistency and accuracy of the UK Government construction pipeline.


Our hotel and leisure sector expert Clarissa Jennings takes a closer look at some exciting hotels being built throughout the UK.

ProCure22 makes British healthcare system fit for the future

Our education expert Emma Dukes takes a closer look at how the ProCure programmes are impacting construction in the UK health sector.