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Press Releases - Archive

Aug 2015

Has the Construction Industry become better, or just busier?

Has the Construction Industry become better, or just busier?

The new Green is very, very black

So, the Green Deal is dead. The Government has finally killed an idea that was honest, earnest, and in essence a good thing, but which was royally messed up. Ross Sturley of CIMCIG takes a closer look.

Government to target Construction in illegal employment crackdown

Construction is in the Government firing line as it seeks to crackdown on illegal immigration. Home Office Minister James Brokenshire says that the Government will be targeting construction, as part of its strategy to tackle “rogue employers".

Ray of light yet to pierce election gloom

The latest Glenigan Index shows that starts have still not recovered after an election related hiatus. While reflecting a short term shock rather than a change in the industry’s growth trajectory, the recent dearth of new projects will hold back output.

Jul 2015

Let’s talk about Construction

This month, the Government decided to do away with the post of Chief Construction Adviser. The industry response has been unanimous. It's a step back for UK Construction Plc. It’s a slap in the face.

Latest challenge to social housing providers

George Osborne’s budget announced the latest in a line of policy changes impacting the social housing sector; with rents reducing 1% per year for four years from April 2016. It's estimated that 14,000 fewer affordable homes will be built as a result.

How long will discount supermarkets continue to grow?

It has been reported that the growth of the discounters, the Lidl’s and Aldi’s, could go on for years as Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s continue to lose market share. The landscape of our supermarket shopping has certainly changed, and this looks set to continue!

Election uncertainty still weighing heavy on construction starts

UK construction continues to feel the impact of the general election as activity drops for the third consecutive month. The Glenigan Index for July has declined by 24% year on year as housebuilding, office, retail and civil engineering activity contracted sharply.

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