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Win More Construction Contracts

Glenigan helps companies involved in construction win more contracts. Our clients include main construction contractors, specialist subcontractors, materials and service providers to construction projects. We help companies of all sizes from local building contractors to national specialist subcontractors to global material suppliers make more money. You can subscribe to precisely the information you need making Glenigan an extremely cost-effective business development investment.

We also help companies at all stages of the building cycle win more contracts. Our intelligence helps the design team refine the potential bidding contractors list to appoint the main construction contractor. Specialist subcontractors use the bidder lists to identify the right companies to target as do local building contractors who also operate as subcontractors. Materials and service providers are also able to target relevant decision makers at each stage using the information we provide.

Glenigan combines relentless research with a powerful online service and account managers committed to ensuring every customer gets results. Our information does need to be used effectively to get the best results and we’re here to help you do just that. Your account manager will make sure you know how to find the information you need quickly and that you know how to best use the tools we provide in the way that’s right for your business.

We will also help you as your business needs change, whether that means finding new companies to target, identifying the best regions or sectors to expand into or simply helping new staff get up to speed with Glenigan. We believe in working in partnership to deliver genuine value to our customers.

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