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Make More Sales Appointments

Glenigan contract leads are used by companies throughout the building cycle to identify the right people to make sales appointments with to help them win more construction contracts. We help companies from local firms looking for small building contracts to national specialists looking for subcontracts to global materials suppliers and service providers of all sizes get results.

We supply contact details including personal email addresses of key decision makers on every project lead for you to target. Our information will help you spend more time selling and less time trying to find the right people to sell to. We know that providing the right information so you can target the right people at the right time is essential for an effective pitch for a main construction contract, a subcontract or a supply or service deal.

Our researchers track projects relentlessly as they progress through the planning, contract and construction phases and add information at each stage. By using this project intelligence you will be in a strong position to convince the people you are targeting that having an appointment with you would be a good use of their time. You will also be well informed for the sales appointment itself to help you turn our contract leads into firm orders.

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