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The friendly and helpful Glenigan provide the backup Romstor need to keep ahead of our competitors and in line with the market.


Romstor provide Mezzanine Floors, Office and Warehouse Interior Solutions and Equipment, helping businesses to get the maximum use out of their premises. Over the last 15 years we have been established as market leaders in the design and installation of refurbishment projects to industry and commerce. www.romstor.co.uk

As an independent supplier Romstor have access to a wide range of products enabling to provide the best solution for each business needs and budget. At Romstor we have the in-house facility to design mezzanine floors, office partitions, industrial steel partitioning, static and mobile shelving and warehouse storage systems. In addition, our Workplace Products catalogue features over 8000 essential products suitable for your office, warehouse, and workshop.

Task – The Business Requirement

Due to the wide range of services that we offer, we recognise that we need to identify potential customers at an early stage of any project in order to maximise the opportunities. Romstor’s requirement was for a user friendly, fast and reliable system that would allow us to identify the right projects at the right time with the depth of information allowing us to also identify the right people to contact.

Having evaluated the various services available, the volume and quality of the data available convinced us use the Glenigan Project lead service.

Action – The Glenigan Solution

Romstor uses the Glenigan Project lead service to research and track project opportunities in order to be in contact with the right people as early as possible in the life cycle of a project. The project search facility enables us to refine the projects by sector, location and stage so we can dedicate our time to the most relevant leads, project updates are received on a daily basis straight to our inboxes. 

Using the Glenigan Project lead service has enabled us to quickly identify projects and contacts that would have taken significantly longer and employed greater resources using traditional prospecting methods.   The friendly and helpful Glenigan provide the backup we need to keep ahead of our competitors and in line with the market.

In addition, Glenigan publishes up to date market intelligence relating to all UK construction activity providing a valuable industry analysis highlighting areas of potential activity.

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