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Glenigan “Worth Its Weight in Gold” for Vexcolt

Vexcolt logoAs one of the world’s leading manufacturers of expansion joints, movement joints and fire barriers, Vexcolt works closely with architects and contractors to design and supply the most economic and elegant solutions to movement and fire protection problems. Vexcolt has been using Glenigan to support the business since 2007.

Keen to generate awareness about the function of its products in the project life-cycle, Vexcolt wanted to approach higher-level project leads at a specific point in time. “The choice of expansion and movement control joints is often left until the last minute and can result in floor finish failures if the wrong choice is made,” explains Managing Director, Jane Stewart. “We knew that if we could advise from an early stage then we could guarantee the right product and the right result. This is where Glenigan came in.”

“Initially I was a bit sceptical about using a project lead tool and so we tested it extensively,” says Stewart. “We started out by restricting the search criteria to specific regions that we knew well and then comparing the results. The sheer amount and quality of the data Glenigan provided convinced us that not only was this an essential tool but that it was great value too. As a result we expanded our use to the point that our teams now use Glenigan to identify and track projects across the whole of the UK.”

“That Glenigan has made an impact on our business is undeniable,” says Stewart. “We are particularly proud of the success of our CPD programmes that we designed to inform customers about the issues relating to our products and to introduce them to our company. Participant numbers have nearly doubled since we started basing our marketing campaigns on Glenigan information. We now run over three sessions a week; bringing us more leads and winning us more business.”

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