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Over 50% of Cognica Clients Result from Glenigan

Providing a comprehensive service for the collection, collation and delivery of hand-over project documentation, Swindon-based COGNICA has extensive experience in the management of both asset and project related data and documents. The company’s portfolio in construction includes schools, prisons, hospitals, apartment buildings and retail parks as well as water treatment works and power stations.

Having already established an outstanding reputation in the utilities market, COGNICA was looking to expand its activities into the construction industry. “We needed the best market intelligence available,” says Lisa Benge, Marketing Executive at COGNICA. “We saw that Glenigan could provide us with the level of detail we were looking for and identify the right types of projects for us to pursue.”

“As Glenigan allows you to track projects from their inception we can monitor all developments and make contact at just the right time. We can easily find this information on Glenigan. It saves us so much time in the long-run.”

Having tracked the results of its Glenigan subscription, COGNICA was impressed to find that over 50% of the company’s current project list results directly from Glenigan leads. “It’s helped increase our client base, it’s increased the number of projects we can target, and it’s increased the confidence of our teams by providing that extra level of market insight that keeps them up-to-speed,” says Benge.

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