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Hill Piling Triples its Client List

Founded in 1983, specialist piling contractor Hill Piling builds foundations for some of the biggest names in the industry. The company currently offering piling solutions that include continuous flight auger (CFA), open bored piling, and steel cased driven piling. A partnership with Jetwells Piling and Foundations in 2003 enabled Hill Piling to expand its mini-piling services, leading to the company today generating an annual turnover of around £6 million.

Putting aggressive expansion plans into action, Hill Piling was in the process of relocating to larger premises and streamlining its operations. “I had just come on board and realised that some things needed to change.” explains Sue Moore, Business Development Manager for Hill Piling. “Until that point the company had been largely dependent on repeat business and existing clients. If we wanted to grow, we needed new clients and new business leads. And we needed a tool that could help us find those opportunities. It was obvious that we could get so much more from Glenigan, and at lower cost. I knew it was just what we needed.”

Looking at its client list today, Hill Piling is justly proud of the return its work with Glenigan is bringing. In the couple of years since taking up its subscription with Glenigan the list has grown by over 300% to include some of the largest construction companies in the industry.

“The most valuable function of Glenigan is that it enables us to see exactly who is bidding on a given project,” says Sue. “It gives us the ability to contact and send our quote to each and every bidder, which in turn gives us a much better chance of winning the business. People are genuinely happy to receive the information, you just need to find them - and do so before the competition does.”

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