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Customised project intelligence key for Geosynthetics Limited


With more than 15 years’ experience of supplying reinforcement, separation and filtration materials to the construction and civil engineering industries, Geosynthetics Limited is committed to educating the market on the best use of its products.

Operating within a specialist sector, the company requires detailed project information at every stage of development to ensure projects are managed efficiently and promptly.

“We want to ensure that we are giving our clients the best service, so it is imperative that we receive accurate project information before contacting them.” says Robyn Robertson, Engineering Support at Geosynthetics Limited.

Geosynthetics Limited had been approached by various construction intelligence providers prior to taking out a subscription with Glenigan, however the company felt that Glenigan represents much better value for money and provides them with the breadth and depth of coverage that they require.

“My managing director had used Glenigan in a previous role so was already familiar with the system and how it could be used to supplement our business development process,” explains Robyn.


For a specialist material supplier such as Geosynthetics Limited, gaining access to customised project information is a key requirement. The company works closely with the account management team at Glenigan to tailor the projects and strategic package to meet their business requirements. Regular project alerts were set up to ensure all relevant opportunities were received and taken forward by the appropriate team, with 10 licences rolled out across the company.

“The system is used throughout the business – in every sector and at every stage.” Robyn says.

“We need to be able to contact the right people at the right time and present them with the right information about our products. Glenigan helps us to achieve this goal.”

After enjoying a successful partnership with Glenigan for more than six years, Geosynthetics Limited recently extended its contract for another annual term.

According to Robyn, a crucial factor in deciding to renew is the quality service they have received from Glenigan’s account management team – particularly in terms of their training packages.

“With our contract up for renewal, we decided it was an ideal opportunity to ensure we were getting the best out of the system,” she explains.

“Our account manager devised a new training programme that extended our knowledge and showed us how to utilise Glenigan – from online tutorials and guidance materials, to face-to-face refresher sessions in the Glenigan office.”

“The training we received has really helped to maximise our return on investment.”

Robyn adds: “What really impresses us about Glenigan is how they go above and beyond to accommodate their customers.”

“They take all feedback on board and are constantly looking to improve – it shows a real commitment to quality service.”

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