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Sector and Region Analysis

Glenigan provides incisive construction market analysis and robust data-driven forecasts to help inform your strategic decisions. For each region and sector listed below you can access analysis of recent performance and prospects, including charts and tables detailing planning application and project start on sites trends plus listings of the key clients, specifiers, contractors and projects.

With our custom statistics tool you can query our data for your specific needs and export tables and charts for use in reports, presentations and analytical models. We provide full training and support to ensure you get the best results. Glenigan is highly cost-effective and can be tailored to every customer’s specific needs and budget.

The sectors analysed are Community and Amenity; Education; Health; Hotel & Leisure; Industrial; Infrastructure; Offices; Private Housing; Retail; Social Housing; and Utilities.

The regions analysed are East of England; East Midlands; London; North East; North West; Northern Ireland; Scotland; South East; South West; Wales; West Midlands; and Yorkshire & the Humber.

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