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Construction Project Search Criteria

You can quickly identify the right small and large construction projects, companies and people to target with Glenigan. Whether your business is focussed on major construction projects or small building projects in the UK our search function means you spend time working new business opportunities rather than trying to find them. You can create detailed searches to pinpoint the precise information you need and run these searches at your convenience and even have your leads sent to you by email to then distribute to your sales team. Companies at all stages from commission building projects to construction project planning to final fit out and facilities management can pinpoint the information they need using our search criteria.

Our search function enables you to pinpoint the right leads for your business. You can save and re-use searches and your account manager is available to ensure you find the information you need quickly. We know it’s vital that you find the information you need quickly and easily and invest in the technology and account managers to make this happen. When searching for construction projects the following search headings can be used. Under each heading are detailed lists you can use to refine your searches. Contact us today to see how many building projects you could be pitching for today.

Search criteria:

  1. Planning Stage
  2. Contract Stage
  3. Categories
  4. Date Range
  5. Category Priority
  6. Development Type
  7. Funding
  8. Contract Type
  9. Materials
  10. Regions
  11. Word Search

You can also search by companies and contacts involved in construction projects.

Once you have got your search results Glenigan offers a range of functionality to help you manage your leads, including:

  • Favourites – you can mark projects and companies you are particularly interested in and receive email update alerts when projects are updated or companies are added to projects
  • Notes – record notes against projects and companies to add valuable information about your interaction with key decision makers
  • Contact download – contacts can be downloaded for use in your own systems or for email campaigns
  • Project download – you can download projects for use in your own systems and specify the download format to meet your specific needs
  • Communication records – you can mark which UK building projects you have contacted by phone, email or post to help you plan your
  • Tags – records can be tagged with your own definitions. For example you can tag records that you have made a sales appointment with, have submitted a tender for or have won a contract from.

Your account manager will work with you to ensure you get the best from Glenigan and that we deliver genuine value to your business.

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By submitting your information you agree to our new cookies policy