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Construction Companies

You can access a wealth of intelligence about UK construction companies and construction contractors throughout the construction project cycle with Glenigan. We provide a comprehensive register of active construction clients, professional construction consultants, main contractors and specialist contractors, complete with names and contact details of key decision makers at each company and the full picture of the construction projects they are involved in.

Users of Glenigan construction company intelligence include:

  • Construction companies in the UK - identify architects working on upcoming construction projects;
  • Specialist contractors to build a list of construction companies to build relationships with;
  • Building materials and final fit-out suppliers to target architects and construction companies;
  • Builders’ merchants and plant hire to find the right contractors;
  • Providers of services to companies involved in construction projects and occupiers of completed buildings including security; recruitment; waste management; facilities management; financial services; utilities and hotels; and
  • Companies with property portfolios to monitor competitor activity including house builders, retailers, leisure and hotel chains and care home providers.

You can flag companies of specific interest to be alerted when they are added to construction projects and download data for use in your own systems to make using Glenigan a seamless part of your operations. With Glenigan you can identify new companies / construction contractors to target and keep up-to-date with your current customers’ and prospects’ activity. Glenigan will help you strengthen existing company relationships and identify the right new ones to focus your efforts on to drive revenue growth.

You can also gain an instant overview of the projects construction companies you are focussed on are involved in with activity tables by region and sector and then view each of these projects in detail. Contract success tables show competitor performance with details of how companies fare against those they bid against for contracts. With this combination of top level and detailed information you will be in a stronger position to build relationships with the right companies to win more business and strengthen ties with existing customers

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