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The “Secret Salesman” at Domus Tiles

Domus Tiles LogoAs the UK’s leading supplier of tile, mosaic and stone products to the residential developer and the architectural specification markets, Domus Tiles’ long-term relationships with the most significant manufacturers around the world ensure that its product portfolio is the most comprehensive and cutting edge available. With its specification centre headquartered in Clerkenwell, London, the company influences new product development for the UK market with its highly experienced team of sales and design professionals representing the industry's greatest accumulation of knowledge in the field. 

Joining Domus Tiles ten years ago Sales Director Ben Tingle was delighted to find that the company was subscribed to Glenigan. “We needed a system that enabled us to filter data to a very fine level in order to track our clients and related construction projects. Like all sales teams ours was particularly time-starved, so having a sales tool that provided qualitative and timely information was key.”

Tingle and team take a very strategic and thorough approach in the way they work their Glenigan subscription. “For us it is about winning new business, not necessarily new clients. Our account managers filter by project value, type and company name, tagging key architects and designers we have strong relationships with, so that Glenigan can send us timely reminders whenever these clients are active. As soon as their name is associated with a project we can be quick to move in with a proposal that we have had time to prepare. This way of managing our Glenigan information really works for us and consistently wins us more business.”

Domus Tiles has been quick to realise the wider potential of Glenigan data and analytics. The company now uses its information to determine company strategy and planning of resources. “The Glenigan Index is invaluable in that respect,” says Tingle. “Glenigan really is the secret salesman every company should have. It’s out there 24/7 watching and listening to the industry buzz so that you are too.”

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