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"Peace of mind that we aren't missing opportunities"

Waverley the Shading Experts

John James
Marketing Director

Customer Background

Waverley are one of the largest contract manufacturers and installers of window blinds and canopies in the UK. Working with architects, interior designers and main contractors on new build and refurbishment projects, Waverley help create exceptional working environments that boost occupant health & well-being and energy efficiency. Waverley's head office is located in Farnham, Surrey with an office in Manchester to serve the Midlands and North.  Waverley are one of the few companies that look after a project through the entire process - from design and specification through to manufacture, installation and final commissioning. A number of unique products and Waverley's technical expertise has cemented Waverley's position as a leader in the industry. 

Benefits of using Glenigan

For Waverley, Glenigan is a dynamic source of future business. Glenigan allows Waverley to track a project from 'pre-planning' right through the tender process, contract awarded and start on site, and call the relevant prospect throughout the life cycle of the project - be that the architect at pre-tender stage, the bidders, at tender stage or the main contractor at contract awarded stage. The regular updates by Glenigan ensure information is accurate and the ability to 'follow' projects allows you to track a projects progress. The  'tag' function makes projects being followed visible to all users and ensures everyone at Waverley using Glenigan is aware of where a project is in the sales process. The ability to filter projects by location, sector, value and even down to environmental credentials allows Waverley to hone in on the projects most suited to their products and thus the most likely to result in an order. The level of information relating to project-specific contacts is also very useful. Names and job roles of persons working on a particular project all with their email address, landline and sometimes even mobile numbers makes project prospecting calls about as easy as they could be. The database of companies and contacts is a valuable tool in its own right but the up-to-date project leads is a potential goldmine. The staff at Glenigan are enthusiastic and helpful and respond quickly to queries. 

The Need

An accurate source of potential business leads

The Glenigan Solution

Reliable, up to date leads all available on an easy to use website.

The Results

A lean, and laser-focused marketing department capable of supplying the sales team with a steady flow of enquiries.

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