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Glenigan intelligence builds vital business relationships for Estates Investment Exchange

Founded by a team of industry professionals with a heritage of property, investment, banking and IT, Estates Investment Exchange organises the funding of real estate developments by matching developers’ projects with investors’ needs.

The London-based company requires detailed information on projects at pre-planning stage to identify developments that could potentially benefit from their services.

“We decided that it would be of huge benefit for us to know which developers were active in the market and what was being built,” says Janine Lewis, Chief Operating Officer at EIE.


“I first used Glenigan around 25 years ago in my previous business and had great success with it so when I moved into my current position my first thought was to take out a new subscription. 

"I approached the Glenigan team directly and was so impressed with their response. They identified many more projects than their competitor and their professionalism and helpfulness was significantly better.”

Following a detailed consultation with their account manager, EIE opted for a core projects subscription alongside Glenigan’s sector and regional strategic package. The business development team regularly use the system to identify relevant projects and companies to target, helping them to connect with property developers and investors across the market.

“We are constantly seeking new opportunities within the market and use the information to ascertain which developers might require funding for their developments,” Janine explains.

“The information is accurate so we know we are talking to the right person and the projects we track are the right asset class, in the right area and the right size, so we don’t waste any time chasing the wrong projects.”

She adds: “Because we can fine tune our search to the types of developments we can fund, it means that we are talking to exactly the right developers at the right time.”

After an encouraging first year with Glenigan, EIE recently extended its contract for another annual term. For Janine, a fundamental factor in deciding to renew is the quality service they have received from Glenigan’s account management team.

“Our account manager is fantastic,” she says.

“The value she brings to our subscription became apparent as soon as we met her and her support and help goes beyond the call of duty. She has become a part of our team.” 

The company is delighted with the support Glenigan has provided in helping them build relationships with the key players in the property market, resulting in a noticeable uplift to their business development pipeline in a relatively short period of time.

Janine says: “We are still to close our first project as the sales cycle for this industry is very slow but we are currently biding for more than £100 million worth of funding on the back of our Glenigan database and we are talking to around 50 developers from the database for future funding.

“The opportunities that we find on Glenigan are potentially huge – we’re very positive about the future.”

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